4 Best Positions For Having Intimate Pregnant Fast

By the time you are not married may have imagined, how exciting sex never boring. Over the age of marriage, sex can be be mandatory but often boring activity. For that, try variations of those nights making love to you then become more cool and exciting again. Sex positions that tend to be dynamic as taught in the Kamasutra, will again arouse the love between you and your partner. In addition to using variation in sex techniques, you should also be aware that mistakes men make love while the night is warm and romantic.

The following description of the best intercourse positions :

1. Missionary

This position is the standard position for sex. Lying between the legs, so you lie on it and face to face. Although your body weight is concentrated on the elbow or hand, try to include Mr. P you straight up to him, so it is parallel with the wall of the vagina. Ask him to wrapping her legs around your waist to change the shape of the vagina, which will change the sexual sensation for both of you.
Tip: Highly recommended for those who will have sex for the first time.

2. Cross Buttocks

In this position, the girl will enjoy it very much because it stimulates the vaginal walls, something he does not usually feel. Put yourself like in the missionary position, but lie across her pelvis, slightly askew, but still supports your heavy loads on elbow partner. If a couple wants eye contact, couples can slightly rotate the position to use the missionary position.

Tip: This position pamper your female partner.

3. Standing Wheelbarrow

Put Mr. P from behind, but lift his body up to the waist and let your legs flanking waist. You will be in a position similar to a cart race (wheelbarrow race). If his arms are tired, lay on a table or something furnishings were a little high.

Tip: Could you do when a bed is not available or when you want to do it outside of the bedroom as the kitchen, garage, etc.

4. Knees To Chess

‘Get into’ him like you would do in a standard missionary position, but not just spread her legs, lifting her legs and put his knee on his chest, then tie her ankles over your shoulders. Pile load your weight on your hands. This will give you greater chances to penetrate and stimulate the back wall of the vagina of your partner.

Tip: This position is most fitting is done after the pair finished doing your yoga class

Is it Hard to Conceive a Baby Boy? No.. It’s Easy to Get A Boy !!

People usually asked like this, “is it hard to conceive a baby boy?” and the answer that usually they got is “yes”. But on this post I want to tell you, conceiving a baby boy is not really hard as many people think, it’s all about the method and you will find what is the best method to get a baby boy in this article, i hope so 🙂

baby boy

Why do so many people failed when they tried to get a baby boy? They failed because they do not know the right way on how to get it. There are so many things that will take affect on the success when planning to get the baby boys, such as they did not know the right position to get a boy, did not know when to conceive a baby, did not know the type of food that is good to support on getting a baby boy, and did not know of other tips. Here I will describe some surefire tips to get a baby boy.

Doing intercourse during ovulation or on the day before ovulation.

Gene/cell baby boy which is in the sperm usually move faster but it is easier to die, for it, if we want to have a baby boy, then we should have an intercourse at the right time, that’s on ovulation days. All that things is to support our plan, and we hope the cells that carrying genes of a baby boy can reach the egg first before the cells die on the journey. Ovulation is the time where the eggs cell are released by the mother of the woman’s uterus. So, do your intercourse with your wife while in the day of ovulation or before the ovulation, you can find the time of the ovulation by calculating the time of your wife menstruation circle.

Deeper penetration is indispensable

As I have said before, the cell/gene that carrier the baby boy can move faster but easy to die, we should help the prospective baby acknowledgment by deliver it to the nearby of our goal place. You can penetrate deep to get a baby boy with this method.

Perfect intercourse position can give you a baby boy

Man on top position is the recommended position. This position can deliver the sperm deeper, as has been discussed previously, it will be easier to sperm to swim and go first in the egg, and you have the better possibility to get a baby boy rather than have intercourse with another style.

The food and proper nutrition

A mother who want to have a baby boy should consume foods which high in sodium and potassium as well as calcium and magnesium decrease. Foods which contain high in sodium will create a wet environment. Bernatrium and high potassium foods such as soybeans, bananas and tomatoes. Foods rich in calcium and magnesium that should be avoided such as broccoli, spinach and shellfish.


Have you been praying for a baby boy? If not, you should be praying to God the almighty and powerful, if God had willed, then you will get the baby boy soon who has been your desire. Please try it and wish you success.

If you want to see the complete guide on choosing a baby gender, you can see all of the complete guide on THIS LINK. Good luck.

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Pregnancy After Abortion

Pregnancy After Abortion There is a variety of reasons as to why women undergo abortions. The most common one however, is ‘unwanted pregnancy. That decision oftentimes cause emotional distress and feelings of guilt. Some women may find comfort by talking to family members, counselors, or friends. And some women are just oblivious and don’t really think about it that much, if at all. They feel they have made the right choice.

There are a lot of post-abortion myths circulating, such as the inability to get pregnant after performing the abortion etc. Basically, abortion is a much more dangerous procedure compared than childbirth, it can have emotional and physical effects, as well as one of the risk factor for breast cancer.

In reality, those myths are inaccurate. Fact is that having an abortion DOES NOT increase the likelihood of a woman to develop breast cancer or any type of cancer; such is the data from the National Cancer Institute.
So it’s clear now that pregnant after abortion is very much possible. But you still need to perform checkups and some other medical or natural treatment. If you want to learn more you can click here or watch the video below. When you have learned the facts, you should not be to afraid try for pregnancy after abortion.

How to Conceive a Baby Girl

How to conceive a Baby Girl

How to conceive a Baby Girl

No doubt that some people dream to conceive a baby girl. In truth, although there is a way to naturally determine the sex of your baby, not many people are aware of this. That’s why you need to familiarize yourself with how you can conceive a baby girl.

The most important factor in gender determination is timing. Sperm carrying boy chromosome are faster but less durable than the girl sperm. So the closer the distance the boy sperm needs to traverse to reach the cervix, the less likely it is to conceive a girl. If you avoid deep penetration, however, you could prevent the boy sperm from reaching and fertilizing the egg.

More sex can also help you in avoiding conceiving a baby boy, because this will reduce your partner’s sperm count. This means there are less fast-swimming boy sperm available to join the race for fertilization. What we eat daily also affects gender determination. For more information you can watch this video below.