Pregnancy After Abortion

Pregnancy After Abortion There is a variety of reasons as to why women undergo abortions. The most common one however, is ‘unwanted pregnancy. That decision oftentimes cause emotional distress and feelings of guilt. Some women may find comfort by talking to family members, counselors, or friends. And some women are just oblivious and don’t really think about it that much, if at all. They feel they have made the right choice.

There are a lot of post-abortion myths circulating, such as the inability to get pregnant after performing the abortion etc. Basically, abortion is a much more dangerous procedure compared than childbirth, it can have emotional and physical effects, as well as one of the risk factor for breast cancer.

In reality, those myths are inaccurate. Fact is that having an abortion DOES NOT increase the likelihood of a woman to develop breast cancer or any type of cancer; such is the data from the National Cancer Institute.
So it’s clear now that pregnant after abortion is very much possible. But you still need to perform checkups and some other medical or natural treatment. If you want to learn more you can click here or watch the video below. When you have learned the facts, you should not be to afraid try for pregnancy after abortion.

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