How to Conceive a Baby Girl

How to conceive a Baby Girl

How to conceive a Baby Girl

No doubt that some people dream to conceive a baby girl. In truth, although there is a way to naturally determine the sex of your baby, not many people are aware of this. That’s why you need to familiarize yourself with how you can conceive a baby girl.

The most important factor in gender determination is timing. Sperm carrying boy chromosome are faster but less durable than the girl sperm. So the closer the distance the boy sperm needs to traverse to reach the cervix, the less likely it is to conceive a girl. If you avoid deep penetration, however, you could prevent the boy sperm from reaching and fertilizing the egg.

More sex can also help you in avoiding conceiving a baby boy, because this will reduce your partner’s sperm count. This means there are less fast-swimming boy sperm available to join the race for fertilization. What we eat daily also affects gender determination. For more information you can watch this video below.